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About us

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it- Edith Wharton


We at Purushottam Narayan Educational Society believe in spreading the light of goodness across the globe. This light of hope and a better tomorrow can be found in the darkest of the corners and for the last two decades, it has been our endeavour to contribute in this direction.

The society was started with a national character right from its inception in the year 2000. Established by eminent academicians, legal luminaries and public servants, the society worked relentlessly in the direction of providing basic literary and vocational education to people from the lower rung of society. Gradually, the activities expanded into the domain of healthcare and sanitation, environment conservation, skill development, agriculture and allied activities and women empowerment.

Work Areas

Health and Sanitation

Healthcare is probably one of the most important pillars on which the socio-economic well-being of a society depends. A healthy society not only has better standard of life…


Education forms the bedrock which determines future of any society. India is blessed to have prioritised education since the ancient and medieval times and also built the world’s…

Women Empowerment

In India, women enjoyed a respectable position in the society until the later-Vedic period, when it started facing a decline and reached its lowest position during the colonial…

Agricultural Activities

Even in the 21st century, agriculture continues to provide livelihood to over half of the Indian population. It is the prime occupation in the rural areas and provides food and…


Our environment and the unique ecosystem it provides has made Earth the only known planet to support life. The benefits, if listed, are impossible to outnumber. However, the last…

Skill Development

We, at PNES, aim for the holistic development of the skill development and entrepreneurial ecosystem through backward and forward linkages, providing a suite of service to …

Upcoming Programs

Mentor Next Door

PNES in partnership with ulaunch brings a one-stop solution for the mentoring needs of the youth. Professional Counselling, no matter what the domain, has abysmally low penetration in India. Though Mentor Next Door, we aim to provide good quality and free counselling through our network of field experts. What’s more, even you can be a part of it. Just reach us on the mail-in contact us page.

Our Partners